Baha’i Faith 101 Infographic

Three weeks ago, I set out to create the most insane infographic in the world about the Baha’i Faith. This is what I came up with…

Baha'i Faith 101 Infographic

I tried to squeeze as much information and as many ideas as I could into a 36″ x 24″ poster-sized document. Hopefully when you click through to the image, you’ll be able to zoom in and out in order to read it a region at a time. Next step is seeing how it prints at poster size. Alla’u’abha!


19 comments on “Baha’i Faith 101 Infographic

  1. Alison Ziari says:

    I am speechless, Avrel. This is utterly fantastic. Thank you and let me know when you are ready to take orders. 🙂 -alison

  2. A great effort! Fun to see some new things even I didn’t know. You can do the diacriticals though, it’s a pain to learn them, and figure out how to do them in the program, but they will make it look “finished.”

  3. Amazing!! This can be a lifetime of browsing.

  4. Carmel says:

    This is absolutely fabulous! I would definitely purchase a printed poster of this!

    • Avrel Seale says:

      Many thanks! You are welcome to print a copy for yourself. I designed to be legible at 24 inches x 36 inches, but you could probably get by with smaller. Thanks again!

      • Carmel says:

        Ok, great! Could you by chance email me the actual file so I can print it? carmelmw gmail . Thank you!

  5. Carmel says:

    sorry: carmelmw at gmail dot com

  6. Roshni says:

    This is amazing, I’m discussing the Baha’i faith in an upcoming philosophy lecture; (I’d like this infographic to be reading material for it ) can I share this with my class?

  7. Chloe says:

    You might like to send it to the owner is a Baha’i and can print it BIG. It look’s great only question is who is the target audience??

  8. Jansen Datar says:

    All of the 10 precepts listed are Catholic to the core. This religion the wonderful insights of its founder are nothing new. Study Catholicism “universal”ism. Peace bro, Jansen

    • Avrel Seale says:

      Thanks for the comment, Jansen. I agree it is not all new (or else it would not be “progressive” revelation), but neither would I say it’s “nothing” new. If it were nothing new, we’d probably have a lot more adherents. Thanks again, and peace to you.

  9. Sue Benjamin says:

    Dear Avrel, I love, love, love your Infographic. The only suggestion I have — like you need more stuff on it, right? — is to add singers Red Grammar and Andy Grammar, as both have hit songs which are popular and therefore known. With admiration from your new fan, Sue B

    • Avrel Seale says:

      Thank you Sue! I would if I could. Unfortunately I no longer have the software I need to edit this piece, so it stands as a snapshot in time from 2011. Thanks for your nice comment!

  10. Vera says:

    Wow an amazing poster. Perfect for what we plan to do for the Bi-Centenary celebrations, Is this poster available for purchase somewhere preferably could be be downloaded as postage to South Africa remains tricky and risky?

    • Avrel Seale says:

      Vera, thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, I never did make this available in print, and what is on the web is now the highest-resolution version that has survived my several computer changes since 2011, when I created it. You are most welcome to print it yourself and use it however you’d like, although the images will not be sharp if it goes beyond a certain size. You might try printing it at 24 inches wide as a first try. Thanks again!

  11. Barbara Koppe says:

    Is it possible to have this amazing infographic printed for our Baha’i Centre?

    • Avrel Seale says:

      Alla-u-abha, Barbara! Please help yourself to it. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the original file, but the online image seems to still be large enough. I have printed it before at 24″x36″ and it looks good. Enjoy!

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