Baha’i Life

One common symbol of the Baha’i Faith is the nine-pointed star. In this graphic, I have used the star to outline some of the major themes of the faith. The points of the star represent things we are asked to do in order to practice our faith. The recesses between the points stand for things from which we should abstain. As I built this model, I began to notice that in many instances refraining from a certain thing will help in carrying out something that is enjoined. In those cases I have arranged the “don’t” across the star from the “do,” as if pushing in on one side pokes the point out on the other. To some extent, this works all the way around for each point and recess. This is my own invention and not an official document of a Baha’i institution. I use this graphic as the outline for a one-hour talk that I occasionally give — “How to be a Star” — and post it here in hopes you’ll find it useful. Thanks!

3 comments on “Baha’i Life

  1. Brian in China says:

    Avrel, I’m perusing your blog after seeing the post for “Web of Darkness” – I’ll leave a comment there soon, but just felt so amazed by this that I have to hit “LIKE” right now and tell ya that I’m gonna make a lesson for my Chinese students out of it, too — all I gotta do is make the title “The Well-Rounded _____ Life” and let my students fill in the blank (or not), because this “How To Be A Star” applies so easily to everyone…….. just like the Baha’i Faith, as you are so nicely helping folks figure out. Love your creativity, compassion and generosity. ❤

    Thanks dude. 🙂

  2. Avrel Seale says:

    That means the world, Brian. Thanks so much!

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