Requiem Restituo

When nothing can be fixed
For less than its price
Are we not on borrowed time?
Burning through materials
Maxing out landfills
With cheap, toxic, planned obsolescence.

Glue sales falling.
Soldering iron mysterious implement.
Cobbler, seamstress, small motor mechanic —
All relegated to living-history parks.

College student stares helpless
At a broken chair.
Could he not program it back together?
Shop class discontinued
From budget shortfall
But not football
Which just got a new scoreboard
Never football.

Actually canceled from insidious misconception
That labor, no matter how skilled
Is opposite knowledge

With atrophied T-rex arms
He texts a snarky hissy fit to the world.

A kindly passing janitor
He whose body was shaped by work
Not sculpted by synchronized diving,
He, human sacrifice
In the cult of credentialism
Fixes it.

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