WikiLeak, Shark Week

WikiLeak, Shark Week
Urgent care, Build-a-Bear
Pecan clusters, door-busters
Separate but equal, Batman prequel
Overdub, Admiral’s Club
Transformer arcing, platinum parking
Traditional Chinese wisdom, anti-lock braking system
Crimson pleather, Corinthian leather
Gorilla nest, Bedazzled vest
Absolution, restitution, light pollution
Plasma screen, ruptured spleen
Hot and cold porridge, climate-controlled storage
Joan of Arc, jump the shark
Crop circle, Steve Urkel
Mint Binaca, prima nocta
Retail politics, whitetail deer tics
Carwash Carwash
Chichen-Itza, Pizza Pizza

One comment on “WikiLeak, Shark Week

  1. Jim Freeman says:

    …all we are saying,
    Is give peace a chance…
    (The lost verses!)

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